ZenCha Philosophy

Our Mission: To promote international tea arts that enhances cultural commonalities, health awareness, and quality leisure by providing a positive, genuine and cultural tea experience with a thoughtful service that exceeds customer’s expectation

This mission is expressed through the core values of the tea ceremony as our guiding principles on a daily basis: Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility. When our guests visit our tea room, we hope you find our Zen inspired environment delivers the sense of purity and tranquility to help you relax and be ready for a genuine tea experience. We also hope you find our professionally trained tea ambassadors (yes, with a mission of promoting culture as their primary duty, hence the special name for our tea service staff) provide you with a high standard of service and knowledge based on respect to their job, our products and our guests. And finally, no matter whether you are here to enjoy the full tea experience we have crafted for you, or just to simply slow down, or share a great time with someone you care about, we hope you find the harmonious balance of your heart while you are visiting ZenCha.